"The American Roman Noir - Chapter 2" PDF

"The American Roman Noir - Chapter 6" PDF

"Cellular Technology" PDF

"Corridor to a Clarity: Sensuality and Sight in Williams' Poems" PDF

"The Dynamics of Vision in William Carlos Williams and Charles Sheeler" PDF

"The Formal Ideologeme" PDF

"The Hammett Succubus" PDF

"Globalisms - Real and Imaginary" PDF

"Grading Essays on a Microcomputer" PDF

"James M. Cain's Tyger Woman" PDF

"La Parabole de L'Enfant Prodigue" PDF

"Los Angeles and the Detective Novel" PDF

"Metonymic Sources of American Detective Fiction" PDF

"Mobile Phones as Narrative Trope"s PDF

"The Parable of the Prodigal Son" PDF

"Paul Auster and the American Romantics" PDF

"Publics, Counter-Publics, and Film Noir Now" PDF

"The Style of The Maltese Falcon" PDF

"The Vague Aches of Interns" PDF

"W.S. Merwin" PDF









Marling's Academic Websites

Noir Detective Novels

The go-to source for information on the American crime and detective novel from 1920 to 1980, featuring biography, plot summary, and analysis, from the Black Mask writers through Kem Nunn Mosely and Sue Grafton. Nominated for an ACA Award in 2012.

Visual Sources of American Modernism

Written with graduate students, this prize-winning site features papers that link Loy, Faulkner, Stein et al to visual inspirations from film to cubism to the "Fifth Dimension."

Picturepro.org - coming soon: photos from Japan (sumo, archery, kenka matsuri, India, China, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria), and France. Historic photos of Peru, Italy, Spain, and Ohio.

Marling's On-line Scholarship

The Formal Ideologeme

James M. Cain's 'Tyger Woman'

The Style of The Maltese Falcon

Paul Auster and the American Romantics

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

The Parable ( en Francais)

Metanymic Sources of the American Detective Novel

Mobile Phones as Narrative Tropes

The Vague Aches of Interns

Publics, Counter-publics and Film Noir Now

Corridor to Clarifty: Sight and Sensuality in William Carlos Williams' poems

The Dynamics of Vision in William Carlos Williams and Charles Sheeler

Globalisms - Real and Imaginary